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Anna's Fried Dough:

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Anna's Fried Dough

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Established in 1969, Anna’s Fried Dough has been a fan favorite at State Fairs and major events across New England. Read more



Stretched, fried and flash frozen, Anna’s is available from major broadline food suppliers.  With simple reheating, now you can offer Anna’s Fried Dough at your own venue or event.


What’s New?

Anna’s Fried Dough Bites — the same light and airy dough based on Anna’s recipe with 0 trans fat. You can enjoy it now in bite sizes.

Our Product

Made from a “secret” family recipe our scrumptious fried dough is always light, airy, hot and delicious. Each piece is individually stretched and then flash fried to golden perfection. We use only the finest natural ingredients and no preservatives. At Anna’s we pay attention to every detail to ensure our customers receive a perfect fried dough every time. It’s no “secret” Anna’s has the best reputation in fried dough!

Our great tasting dough can be enhanced with an endless array of toppings. Some of our favorites are:

  • Powdered Sugar
  • Cinnamon & Granulated Sugar mixed
  • Maple Syrup
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Ice Cream (try coffee!)
  • Marinara Sauce and Parmesan Cheese
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly
  • Honey
  • Sea Salt
  • Olive Oil and Fresh Garlic

Visit the Anna’s fan page on Facebook or send us an email and tell us your favorite toppings.  We’ll add it to our list!

Fried Dough — From Start to Finish

Annas Fried Dough Bites
Anna's Fried Dough 15-package-boxed

Find out how it all started — About Us

Discover the family tradition behind Anna’s and New England’s love affair with Anna’s Fried Dough.

Founder, Jack Flynn, grew up in his father’s carnival business. As his young family grew, Jack searched for a new and unique food item to introduce at the fairs. He found his answer at home. Jack and his wife, Anna, both grew up in Italian households enjoying pizza fritta and zeppoles for breakfast and on special occasions. By merging their grandmother’s recipes they created a delicious, light and airy, bread dough. They purchased an old wooden trailer, outfitted it with a mixer and fryer and a legend was born!

In 1969, Jack and Anna introduced their culinary creation at the historic Topsfield Fair. It was a huge hit and Jack and Anna were encouraged to expand their operation. In the subsequent years they created a summer fair route that took them around New England and upstate New York. Each summer they traveled from fair to fair with their three kids, a great dane and a cat. Drawing on their respective talents, the couple built a successful business that remains today.

History of Anna’s Fried Dough

2008 August, Marshfield Fair
2008 August, Marshfield Fair
Eastern States Exposition The Big E
Eastern States Exposition The Big E
2009 Annas Fried Dough Marshfield Fair, MA
2009 Annas Fried Dough Marshfield Fair, MA
1979-Schoharie County Sunshine Fair, Cobleskill New York
Annas Commemorative Plaque Quincy Market
Annas Commemorative Plaque Quincy Market
Circa 1974, Jack, Anna, Karen, Jackie and Jeanie Flynn Saratoga Fair NY
Circa 1974, Jack, Anna, Karen, Jackie and Jeanie Flynn Saratoga Fair NY
Circa 1970 Anna
Circa 1970 Anna
1970 Topsfield Fair
1970 Topsfield Fair
1970 Big E - Springfield, MA
1970 Big E - Springfield, MA

In 1976, Anna’s was invited to operate a fixed kiosk inside the Rouse companies newly revitalized Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Faneuil Hall proved to be a great fit for their product and the crowd’s response was phenomenal.

In the 1980’s, Anna’s expanded to include franchises in other Rouse Company properties. For over twenty years, Anna’s has sold fried dough at the former Foxboro Stadium and now at Gillette Stadium. Anna’s has become a fan favorite as evidenced by the lines of people clamoring to get a piece of piping hot fried dough.

In 2006 Anna’s began its wholesale business making their delicious fried dough available nationwide through broad-line distributors.

Sweet Memories Enjoying Fried Dough!


Where can I purchase fried dough wholesale?

You can purchase 30pk cases of frozen fried dough through our distributors or direct from us. Just send us your zip code with your request. Or visit our “Wholesale” page to see more details.

Is fried dough the same as funnel cake?

No, fried dough is a bread dough that is hand stretched and funnel cake is a batter that is poured through a funnel.  Both have similar toppings.

Does Anna’s Fried Dough have trans fat?

No, our scrumptious fried dough has 0g trans fat.

What are some other names for fried dough?

  • Dough Boys, Zeppoles, Elephant Ears, Beaver Tails,
  • Malasadas, Pizza Fritta, and Whale Tails.  There are many more names depending on where you are from.

Is Anna’s Fried Dough fried in peanut oil?

No, but our dough is manufactured in a facility that uses nuts.

Please contact us if you have any other questions about Anna’s Fried Dough.  We’ll answer everything, except our secret family recipe.

YouTube of Anna’s Fried Dough.
2009 at the Marsfield Fair

YouTube of Anna’s Fried Dough.
2016 The Big Eats Award at the Big E.

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