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You can purchase frozen cases (30 pieces per case) of Anna’s delicious fried dough from major broadline distributors across the United States.

Made from our secret family recipe, Anna’s scrumptious fried dough is always light, airy, hot and delicious. Each piece is individually stretched and then flash fried to golden perfection. We use only the finest natural ingredients and no preservatives. At Anna’s we pay attention to every detail to ensure our customers receive a perfect fried dough every time. That’s why Anna’s has the best reputation in fried dough!

Available at these leading distributors and others:


Re-heating instructions are on the box. All you need is an oven or fryer and some hungry fried dough fans!
No mixers. No waiting for dough to rise. No training employees on how to stretch/pull the dough. No mess. No shrinkage. No waste.

Easy process! See step-by-step images below…..

Step #1  Take Frozen Dough (30 pcs) & Thaw 15 Minutes

Step 1- Boxed-Frozen-Doughs-30-pcs
Step 2-Bagged-Frozen-Doughs-15-pcs

Step #2  Preheat Oven or Fryer to 400degrees

Oven: Bake for 4 minutes

Fryer: Place dough in for 15 seconds


Step # 3 Apply Butter and Toppings!



Our great tasting dough can be enhanced with an endless array of toppings. Some of our favorites are:

Powdered Sugar Cinnamon & Granulated Sugar
Maple Syrup Fresh Fruit
Ice Cream Marinara Sauce & Parmesan Cheese
Peanut Butter & Jelly Honey
Sea Salt Olive Oil & Garlic


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